Curriculum Vitae

Janda Grove has always created -- expressing forms of what moves her, whether something in the “real world” or an image from a dream or vision.

Janda’s childhood in western Michigan allowed her to develop a sensitivity and appreciation of the ever- changing light and colors of nature. Such deep roots have given her a love of organic natural forms.

Even as a child she loved art, drawing flowers, trees and horses. From age 15, she worked with an art tutor, in tandem with art classes in school. In later years, she studied with professional painters such as Terry Miura, Don Hatfield, Gretchen Lopez, and Suchitra Bhosle, and through studying the masters in museum collections and galleries around the world.

The middle part of her life led her on a healing journey — to investigate natural healing modalities, especially herbal medicine, and to study yoga, meditation, and tai chi. Each practice afforded new ways of connecting to the resonance of people, or places or things. It is this very essence that inspires her to share what she sees, and is what she captures in her work.

A dynamic and diverse contemporary artist, Grove’s current work incorporates symbolism and natural beauty.  She intuitively transforms her subjects and ideas into studies of light, shape and shadow, often leaning toward abstraction of figures and landscapes.

Grove primarily works with oils on canvas, linen, or gessoed boards. She utilizes her diverse training and inspirations to push the medium to its full range of expression -- from transparent work on vellum, to thick, rich paint applied with a palette knife. She allows her inner image of a subject to suggest her palette, whether it is the harmony of tonalism, the vibrancy of pure chroma, or the exaggerated color of impressionism. She may use the soft brush or the sharp knife to achieve the appropriate style for expression of the delicacy or strength of the subject.

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Artist Statement

I like to create in different ways at different times, because I am always growing.  I have phases where I work on paper, or paint oils, or do photography.  Now I am enchanted with oil paint, and the sensuous richness of the medium.  I like to work with line, and I love the exercise of comparing shapes, values, and hues.  Art is a means where we can learn to really see, and to be totally present in the now.  I hope that my art can be an inspiration to appreciate the miraculous in the mundane, the subtlety as well as vibrancy in everything.  I celebrate the path with heart, and the hearts who have loved me into being.

Awards and Exhibitions

Transferencia:Impressions of Cuenca

Cuenca, EC

March 9 2023

Flora Cafe, Cuenca, EC

July - Dec. 2021


IdiomArt Gallery, Cuenca, EC

January 2021


Miguel Illescas Gallery, Cuenca EC

March 8, 2019

Cuenca Visual Arts Member Show

Cuenca, Ecuador, November 2018


CVA Gallery, Cuenca, Ecuador

October 2018

Four Artists, Four Visions

Cuenca Visusal Arts Gallery

January 2017

Mujeres en El Arte, Exposition Colectiva

Centro Cultural Municipal

March 2017

Cuenca Art Walk 2016

Exhibited at La Mansion Alcazar

Dos Manantiales -- Two Springs -- Solo Exhibition at Otorongo Creative Laboratory Cuenca, Ecuador August 2016

La Mansion Alcazar, Cuenca, Ecuador, December 2016

Local Color - Four Women Artists, Cotacachi, Ecuador Oct.  2015

Cuenca Art Walk  2015 at Four Rivers Center for the Arts

2012 Capitol Plein Aire Festivals at Patris Studio Sacramento, CA2002

2008 Juried Members show, Sedona Art Gallery, Sedona, AZ, AWARD for “Grandmothers Weaving a New Way”

2008 Sedona Visual Artists Coalition Exhibition, Sedona, AZ

2007 Music of the Earth, Group show of Sedona Visual Artists Coalition, Sedona, AZ

2006 Erotica, the group show for Valentines Day, La Galleria, Panajachel, Guatemala

2004  Visions group show at Gathering Spirits Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2002 What Dreams, a solo exhibition at Dunn Bros, Minneapolis, MN 2002